Confidence  Gold for Presenters

The Confidence Gold Course

This Course is for people who must give presentations to build their business. Whether you give presentations 1-to-1, to small groups or large groups, it takes BIG confidence to be effective.

Discover 7 insider secrets for being an excellent presenter, so you can grow your business to the next level.

This totally helped my speaker confidence! My MC gig went very well... just as I pictured in in the mental rehearsal. I was showered throughout the day with warm congratulations which made me so relieved and pleased.

Linda Nicholls Facilitator and Speaker

80% of a Presenter's Success is MINDSET

6 Online Modules You Can Access at Any Time

Module 1 - Ultimate Confidence
Ultimate Confidence

Discover the secrets that top presenters use to dissolve doubt, fear and anxiety. When the pressure is on, these mindset habits transform those issues into confidence, poise and passion.

Module 2 - 3 Mistakes to Avoid
3 Big Mistakes

Here you will discover the top 3 secrets of highly effective presenters. They mark the difference between someone who is captivating to listen to versus someone who is boring or uncomfortable to listen to.

Module 3 - Memory Imprint Journal
Memory Imprint Journal

This journal changes a bad habit of negative thinking and only takes 5-10 minutes a day. It's been a life changer for many people around the globe. Most people continually have judgments towards themselves, resentments about others, regrets about the past, and worries about the future. What you focus on grows. Refocus your mind daily like this towards what you appreciate about self, others, life. Note evidence for your visions coming true. Pull good memories into your short term memory.

Module 4 - 3 Small Habits
Three Small Habits

Here you will discover the top 3 secrets of highly effective presenters. They mark the difference between someone who is captivating to listen to versus someone who is boring or uncomfortable to listen to.

Module 5 - Harmonization Process
Harmonization Process

This process allows you to transform inner voices of sabotage so that they can become your allies instead. Doing this now can save you years of spinning your wheels. You'll feel more in alignment, with more of a sense of flow and much less frustration as you move forward in this new career and business direction. Enjoy!

Module 6 - Intro To Mind Story Tools
Harmonization Process

In this module you'll Re-Write a past that may be keeping you stuck, Supercharge Your Present if you are up against a big challenge and need to be higher capacity, and Re-create Your Future so that your life gets ever better. You'll get a downloadable worksheet that you can use over and over again.

My financial turn around over the last year is largely due to continually doing the visualizations and the Memory Imprint Journal from this program.

Deb Connors Workplace Wellness Expert

An Engaging 6 Module Online Course

In this course you will discover how to:

  • Overcome anxieties that affect you when presenting!
  • Boost your confidence to deal with any presentation challenge!
  • Create a self image that magnetizes success as a top notch presenter!
  • Dissolve core beliefs that are sabotaging you and so you can take flight!
  • Anchor in these skills so that they show up as real world results for the rest of your life!

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Even though I've had lots of success for years, I still get these nagging fears. This program helped me get down to the core issues so I could turn them around.

Catherine Rocheleau Consultant & Speaker

And There Are All These Bonuses

Money Magnetism
Money Magnetism

Most people have limiting beliefs regarding MONEY. This video will help you break free from those so that you can grow much bigger income through your business and through speaking.

Memory Management
Memory Management

Discover how to create powerful, inner confidence by changing bad memories to good ones while still retaining your earned wisdom.

Timelining Tool
Time Lining Tool

Here's an example of all the steps from booking the speaking date to following up after the date. This happens over six weeks. 28 hours is what I usually need to create a new presentation. This amount of time would be less if I'm just slightly customizing an existing presentation. Doing this this planning process and being very prepared is an OUTER process you can use to help you feel more confident when you speak.

Speaker Tune Up
Speaker Tune up

This is a process that revs up your entire body-mind system and only takes 7 minutes. This can be extremely important to do in high pressure or stressful situations when the brain can short circuit leading you to forget what you wanted to say or make your hands tremble.

These 4 Bonuses If Purchased Separately Would Cost $213

What I really appreciate about working with these tools is that it's all so well thought-through. Professional, practical, and usable. Brilliant!

Nathan Aswell Speaker and Musician

So You Get

Confidence Gold for Speakers - A 6 Module Online Course Valued at $555

And You Also Get These 4 Bonuses

Money Magnetism - Sells for $59

Memory Management - Sells for $49

Timelining Tool - Sells for $19

Speaker Brain Tune Up - Sells for $49

Intro To Mind Story Tools - Sells for $49

5 Bonuses Valued at $271

$271 + $284 = $555

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I've been using the Journal Process in Module 3 right before bed, and I LOVE IT! Each night after I've written it out, I read over the whole page and I find it so beautiful and soothing.

Maggie Devries Speaker, Author, & Professor